Keeping good form for middle distance

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As mentioned in another article, from the Pose Method point of view, running technique is identical for any running distance. It is the training that differs, not how we actually change support from foot to foot.

The world of middle distance exists in a contained environment of the running track. Much like long distance running, middle distance events require tactical approach though tactics are of course slightly different. In contrast to short distance events, middle distance has some room for redemption in case a non-fatal error occurred. Whereas a long distance event gives you even more room to adjust technique on the go, change pace and regroup a bit.

There are differences and similarities all over the place. The one unifying factor will always be the way we run, our technique. Consequently, the way to maintain your good form for middle distance will be much like the instructions provided for the long distance.

An ingrained correct body movement and a focus on it during running are the main ingredients of the formula to maintaining a good form for any distance. Assuming you have worked and worked on your running technique and it is ingrained to the level of being on autopilot, you must follow these two simple steps in order to successfully maintain your good running form during a middle distance event.

Maintain focus

Your ability to remain focused during a middle distance running event becomes even more important. You have less distance to cover and a shorter window of opportunity. Your focus will help you stick to your plan of action, keep the repetitive movement of running inline. Your ability to tune out the distractions will liberate you to perform at your best.

Stay relaxed

The shorter the distance of the race the higher the intensity of the event becomes. The stress levels rise higher and adrenaline gets going, your muscles, your entire body gets ready and inadvertently some runners become tense.

Tense muscles equal rigid movement, which obviously is not the desired state of things. The more tense the body the more unnecessary effort there will be exerted. This will affect your ability to execute proper movement, so don’t tense up. Stay relaxed. We often see athletes jump and do all sorts of things to keep the body relaxed before approaching the start line. That works but a true state of being relaxed comes from being confident in what you did in preparation for the event, part of which is your technique.

One thing should be abundantly clear at this point – regardless of the distance, your technique remains a central and essential ingredient for your success, so the more you work on it prior to the event, the more chances you will have to succeed.

To wrap up this article and reiterate the importance of maintaining focus and composure no matter what here’s an entertaining and inspiring footage from the “anything is possible” series. Enjoy!

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