Fix Running Injuries for Good

Running injuries are extremely common and can be athletic career killers if not handled properly. While small percent of injuries are results of accidents, and others result from inadequate preparation in training, virtually all running related injuries essentially stem from bad technique, i.e. poor movement pattern.

Origin of Injuries

All knee, ankle, back, hamstring, calf – you name it – injuries originate in movement. Poor movement pattern is a straight road to injuries. If your athletes or clients have any pain or already have an actual injury, it is, in fact, caused by their current technique. Until it is properly addressed there is no way to heal the injury. No amount of Physical Therapy or training routine adjustment will help unless the root of the problem is addressed.

What’s commonly referred to as an “overuse” injury, should really be classified as an “incorrect use” or “misuse” injury. If our ligaments, joints, muscles etc are used correctly they can serve us a lifetime and usually do. However, when misused, they can only withstand so much and eventually get damaged. The good news is that it can be prevented and avoided. The Pose Method® Running Technique Specialist Certification provides the theoretical and practical information on how to achieve that.

Our Solution = Your Success

How well your athletes and clients move determines how well they perform and how healthy they remain. Some times a small adjustment in their technique, in their pattern of movement, can change everything for the better in a blink of an eye. The key here is to know HOW to analyze movement and WHAT part of it to adjust.

Teaching people to perform any movement using the Pose Method® leads to less deviations from the optimal parameters of what’s considered efficient technique and movement, making it a simpler, easier to replicate and a better controlled process. This ease of application and replication makes it easier and simpler to provide instruction, correct errors, address injuries and perform analysis of movement thus making the Pose Method® a perfect tool for Physical Therapists, Medical Professionals, Athletic Trainers, Sports Coaches, etc.

Pose Method® Certification Program

With a background as a senior lecturer in biomechanics, head of department and head coach of track & field team at the Chuvash State Pedagogical University, the hot spot of Soviet athletics back in the 70s-80s, Dr. Romanov had developed a unique and effective systematic approach to teaching technique and handling athletic injuries. This approach is the foundation of the Pose Method® Certification Program.

Become a Pose Method® Certified Running Technique Specialist to help your athletes and clients fix running injuries for good and achieve their personal bests. It’s like performing minor miracles on regular basis.

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