Training Programs by Dr. Romanov

To order a custom training program by Dr. Romanov please fill out the form below to submit an application. A non refundable deposit is required in order to submit your information.

The minimum required training program is 6 months. Dr. Romanov does not accept month to month bookings due to the amount of work involved in creating custom training programs.

Upon submitting the initial request along with the deposit you will be required to fill out an online form in order to provide Dr. Romanov with the necessary data to begin the evaluation process. You can scroll through the entire form to see what data is needed and collect it, please leave the browser window open until you are ready to submit the entire form.

Deposit – $150

A non-refundable deposit to review your information, and, if you’re accepted, to schedule a phone consultation to discuss your training goals and a plan of action, is required. If you’re accepted, your deposit will go towards your custom Training Program. Dr. Romanov reserves the right to accept or deny applicants.

Training Program payment options

If your custom training program exceeds 6 month but does not  require a full year of training, the monthly rate of a semiannual payment plan will be applied to the rest of the monthly payments necessary to complete your training program.

If you have any questions and would like to discuss your options, please contact Lana Romanov at