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Sports Technique Specialist


The Pose Method® is a system with a unique focus on technique. Technique is the cornerstone of any athletic activity, any human movement. Improving technique alone will make a dramatic difference in health and performance of your clients and athletes. That’s why working on and improving technique should be the first step in any evaluation, therapy or training. Whether you’re a Physical Therapist, a Sports Doctor or a Coach – Technique Specialist Certification is essential to your practice.

Fundamental human movement

Throwing, running and jumping are the three pillars of natural human locomotion, they lay the foundation of Track & Field, the Olympic Games and are part of virtually all athletic activities. Running, jumping and throwing techniques should be mastered by all athletes. Athletic coaches must know how to teach these techniques in order to help their athletes succeed as well as protect them from unnecessary and easily avoidable sports injuries.

Get certified to teach natural and biomechanically correct human movement.

There are fundamental and quite simple, yet not readily apparent, principles present in human movement. Those principles govern everything from speed to injuries. VO2Max and everything else is secondary to those main principles. Get those down and you will excel in your field.

Become a Pose Method® Certified Sports Technique Specialist. Teach your clients and athletes how to move correctly and help them become more efficient and reduce injuries. Developed by an Olympic Coach, the Pose Method® of Sports techniques is currently the only method of teaching technique supported by volumes of technique specific scientific research.

THE STATE CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF PHYSICAL CULTURE      Chuvash State Pedagogical Institute   International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation

Published research and papers are listed here


Age Requirements

Candidates must be 18 or older at the time of application

Certification Information

  • Tuition: $1295 (Includes Certification Clinic and Exam)
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Hours: 9am-5pm


Continuing Education Program

  • Athletic Trainers – 24  CEU
  • Physical Therapy – 24 CEU

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All candidates must be familiar with the Pose Method.

To study and prepare for the STS Certification Clinic all candidates must read and view the following material prior to attending the Clinic. This will ensure a better understanding of the subject.

  1. Sports Technique (articles) A collection of articles on sports techniques and basics of human locomotion.
  2. Gravity & Movement (video) Gravity is a central component of why we are able to move on Earth. Without it, we would be suspended in space. The hierarchy of movement as expressed by Dr. Romanov highlights the importance of Gravity and how it interacts with other key elements.
  3. The Key Role of Perception (video) Perception is at the root of our skill development. It is essential to understand how to develop it and why.
  4. Flexibility Program (video program) Flexibility is as important for success in sports and for basic health reasons. Understanding of fundamental rules of flexibility, it’s correct use and place in training process, is paramount.
  5. Force and Strength (video) One of the core principles in Pose Method for you to understand is how the force of gravity facilitates our movement.

Certification Process

The certification process was develop to ensure the candidates are properly prepared for the certification examination and are prepared for the ‘technique specialist’ designation.


Step 1

Studying the required and additional material is your first step on the way to getting Pose Method® Certified. We have provided you with everything you will need to help you study for the Sports Technique Specialist Certification Clinic and to take the Online Exam.

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Attend a Clinic

Step 2

Theory and practice come together at the Certification Clinic. You’ll put to practice the theoretical knowledge you’ve gained, and experience firsthand what the Pose Method® is about. You will learn how a human body was designed to move and how to teach it to others.

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Take the Exam

Step 3

This online examination has been developed to assess whether an individual exhibits the competency of required knowledge and skills necessary to be designated as and awarded the title of the Pose Method® Certified Sports Technique Specialist.

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