Dr. Charles Blake

Dr. Charles Blake, PT

Dr. Charles Blake  is a Physical Therapist in the US Army, stationed at Ft. Bliss, Texas.

His most notable duty stations were serving as the first PT in a Brigade Surgeon position and working in a multidisciplinary team of strength and conditioning coaches, a nutritionist, and a sports psychologist with Third Special Forces Group (Airborne). As a PT, he has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dr. Blake has been published in the Physical Therapy Journal and the Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. He has presented as a Keynote speaker on Injury Prevention in running for the University of Texas at El Paso, 2009 Force Health Protection Conference, 2011 Multinational Deployed Physical Therapist Conference, and the 2011 Special Operations Medical Association.

Dr. Blake is a Master Coach of the Running Technique Specialist division of the Pose Method Certification program and is currently co-writing Army Doctrine on running for physical training and injury prevention, he also takes part in a Military Times expert panel of fitness and medical providers to answer fitness and performance related questions.