Maintaining the Certified Technique Specialist credential is accomplished through a 3-year recertification. The process was designed to promote and uphold Romanov Academy’s high standard of professional training and sports education.

In order to maintain your Certified Technique Specialist credential you must:

The Key to Continued Professionalism

Recertification is an essential part of the Pose Method® Specialist Certification Program. It keeps you updated on the latest developments and ensures that the knowledge and skill you demonstrated by passing the exam remains current. When you get recertified every three years, you show your continuing commitment to your profession.

Pose Method® certifications are more than just requirements and exams, they demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and professional excellence.


Certification Cycle

You must get recertified  every three (3) years. Your certification cycle end date is three (3) years from the date indicated on your official certificate.

Keep your certification current – take the exam.

Recertification Fees
  • Recertification Fee – $295

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All specialists who received their certification prior to January 1, 2012 are required to take the Level 1 Online Exam in order to renew and maintain their Certification.

Online Exam Fee
  • Exam Fee – $195