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A parent, a child and a bike. It’s one of humanity’s most universal rites of passage. And for the vast majority of people, there is never any further instruction on the technique of riding a bicycle, because everybody knows, you never forget how to ride a bike. So, when the beginner first latches onto the notion of becoming a bike racer or doing a triathlon, there’s never a thought given to learning how to ride.

If your clients are professional or recreational cyclists, or if they participate in an athletic activity that involves cycling, then whether you’re a Triathlon or Cycling Coach, an Athletic Trainer, or a Sports Doctor – this Certification is for you.

Get Certified. Elevate Your Professional Status. Lead the way.

When we talk about cycling technique, what we’re really talking about is systems engineering – devising the optimum means for a human to interact with a bicycle for the most efficient forward progress.

For such a seemingly simply device, the art (or science) of riding a bicycle can be stunningly complex. If you study the technical literature of cycling, you’ll find reams of information and conjecture about one cycle of a pedaling stroke, but virtually nothing about the whole picture of pedaling as an interaction between the athlete and the bicycle as a means of improving  overall cycling performance.

Become a Pose Method® Certified Cycling Technique Specialist. Learn how set up the bike and to teach your clients and athletes the pedaling technique as an integral system of interaction. Learn how to teach how to become more efficient, faster and how to reduce injuries. Developed by an Olympic Coach, the Pose Method® of Cycling is supported by technique specific scientific research.

Theory and Practice in Physical Culture   Brunel University    University of the Fraser Valley

Published research and papers are listed here


Age Requirements

Candidates must be 18 or older at the time of application

Certification Information

  • Tuition: $890 (Includes Certification Clinic and Exam)
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Hours: vary, usually 9am-5pm. Please refer to an individual schedule of each certification clinic


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All candidates must read The Pose Method of Triathlon Techniques with the focus on Cycling portion of the book.

Required Material

To study and prepare for the CTS Certification all candidates must read and view the following material prior to attending the Clinic. This will ensure a better understanding of the subject.

Certification Process

The certification process was develop to ensure the candidates are properly prepared for the certification examination and are prepared for the ‘technique specialist’ designation.


Step 1

Studying the required and additional material is your first step on the way to getting Pose Method® Certified. We have provided you with what you’ll need to help you study for the Cycling Technique Specialist Certification Clinic and to take the Online Exam.

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Attend a Clinic

Step 2

Theory and practice come together at the Certification Clinic. You will put to practice the theoretical knowledge you’ve gained, study and perform video analysis, learn how to teach cycling technique to your clients, practice drills and strength exercises.

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Take the Exam

Step 3

This online examination has been developed to assess whether an individual exhibits the competency of required knowledge and skills necessary to be designated as and awarded the title of the Pose Method® Certified Cycling Technique Specialist.

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