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aumento massa muscolare A specialized underwear solution for incontinence requires great care and attention to providing technology which traps and absorbs fluid efficiently. Tena’s type of underwear is the ideal choice for dismissing driving a car of living an unpleasant lifestyle on account of deficiency of urinary incontinence. Each of their undergarments give you a high rate of absorbency and odor control which come really comfortable, discreet design. Rest assured by making use of Tena products that you are going to live daily feeling fresh from special microbeads which absorb fluid upon contact and odor fighting pads which are pH-balanced to remove the scent of urine. Choose from a variety of absorption rates according to your symptoms, from very light, light, moderate or heavy. When you place on their protective underwear, it is like the appear and feel of regular underwear but a design that is more durable and customized for protection against bladder leakage.