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The question of how to use Pose Method of running effectively in other sports is asked all the time. Running is part of virtually all sports and athletic activities, but it’s not all just running of course. We’re dealing here with sprinting, dashing, zig zagging, coming to a sudden stop and then suddenly dashing again, and stuff like that. The essence of movement described in the Pose Method of running does not change from one athletic event to the other. It is the same movement within the same gravity field, with the same laws of physics applied. Our understanding should come from these fundamentals.

In sports like football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis where starting, stopping, turning, and jumping are valued as much as raw speed, simply understanding what to do and what not to goes a long way. Often effort and effectiveness are confused with ‘trying really hard’. But the fact is that your efforts have to be very focused and precise and stay within a specific frame, because pass a certain point your power output decreases while the effort increases. That immediately takes out the long strides, overextended arms with bent out of shape elbows and shoulders, straight knees, etc etc. All that might be considered suitable for a photoshoot for a magazine because they are after grotesque sensationalism, whereas, we are after effective, efficient, injury free movement.

There are three major rules which we have to understand and execute:

The meaning behind these rules is simple: do not work against gravity, but work with it. Don’t push off while you stop and turn, just change the direction of your movement. How do you change the direction suddenly? You simply shift your bodyweight. To understand this move, practice shifting bodyweight while standing on both feet. Then try the same but in running pose – this is why I always emphasize working on strength and balance. To take this drill to another level of difficulty – do it with your eyes closed.

When you change direction you must change support. Obviously it is much easier to do by simply pulling your foot from the ground instead of pushing. It is not only simpler and easier to do, it also eliminates the potential of injuries. And you can also do that quicker thus becoming faster on your feet. So first you shift your bodyweight in the desired direction, then you change support by pulling your feet up as you move (don’t waste your effort by exaggerating, pull your feet up only as high as necessary). Legs play a very simple role of transporters of your body’s weight from one direction to another.

Muscle strength and coordination play a very important role in this, but only an assisting one, for the body ‘falling’ in a different direction, where a stop and a turn are all parts of the same process. So the skill of movement in these events is the skill of redirecting the body fall quickly and unpredictably by changing support and leaning in the direction of the move. Try our new agility training series to help you improve your skill of movement.


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