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A while ago I was asked to discuss this topic by one of our clinic’s attendees in London. He had a job that required staying on his feet all day and he had lots of problems due to such overloading. I wasn’t surprised to hear about his problems related to this circumstance. It’s not just about feet, it’s also about knees, hips and low back, but in this article we’ll focus on addressing issues related to feet.

It is obvious that staying on your feet for long hours has negative consequences. It is nothing new. Everybody is aware of this. So I will not talk about that, but instead I want to go straight to the solution and show you how to reduce, or completely avoid, the negative effects associated with being on your feet all day.

Let’s look at this topic from the point of view of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology and mentality. We are not built to stay still or stand all day, or be on our feet all day. We are also not meant to do the opposite of that. These extremes are all unhealthy. We do better and feel better when we strive for balance.

Simple mechanics? Not so simple

On the surface it is a simple situation – a person has to spend hours on his feet and it causes all sorts of aches. From the point of view of simple mechanics, there should be no complications, after all the movement is minimal, so technically, there should be minimal issues. But from biomechanics point of view, everything is not that simple, we have to deal with the issue of body weight, where it’s located and how it is shifted. This is the sensitive issue influencing the whole situation (I described the concept of the body weight in the Pose Triathlon book).

People usually choose “the easiest” position of the body weight location – their heels – locking ankles and knees to create what’s perceived as “stability”. In reality it means immobility of their joints, tension of muscles, tendons and ligaments. It brings constant pressure to the same areas, same cartilage tissues, etc. Such “stability” starts to look very costly when you consider it from this point of view. Consequently it brings some other problems. Locking joints reduces blood flow through our extremities and causes feet to swell.

Over time this condition of the feet starts to involve our psycho-emotional and mental systems through our senses and perception. At first, feeling of constant pressure and tension in our joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments creates a mere discomfort, than some irritation in your emotional condition which later leads to bigger mood changes and reaction to surroundings. At this point we get a full complex of “I can get no satisfaction”.

Is there a solution? Yes, there is a solution and you will have to put some effort in to get it, but it will give you almost immediate results. You will experience the difference and you will feel better. A human body is incredible in its ability to recover, to heal itself. The best part – these changes will become permanent improvements that will allow you to enjoy your daily life again.

Start with basics

Keep moving

Use active recovery


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