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    The influence of drug addiction on the teenagers is increasing in an alarming rate nowadays, a large number of teenagers get dependent on some sort of drugs annually and several of them die. The young generation is our future and if it ends this way for no reason at all, then it is surely a loss for mankind. Drugs have been killing people for a pretty long period of time and it is often considered as the worst killer of people. The impact of abusing drugs has devastated a persons life. If you search bit thoroughly, you will find that a minumum of one person among your mates or folks are enslaved by some form of drugs. Drug addiction has spread such that despite trying real hard, the us government of varied countries failed to stop people from taking drugs. Since, most of the deadly drugs have been banned by the government; the addicts nowadays rely for the medicinal drugs just like the painkillers, sleeping pills or antidepressants to continue their addiction. However, there exists one of many ways which can be adopted to acquire little control over it which is providing proper drug treatment on the addicted people, so that they can make contact with their normal life. esercizi per allungare il pene

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